High Speed Steel Saw Blades

M2 and M35 Cobalt Premium Nitrited
Blades For Cutting Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Tubes and Bars

Our High Speed Steel Saws are ground on state-of-the art CBN grinding machines with both standard tooth forms and CAD-designed custom tooth forms to fit your specific application.

Each saw is straightened to minimize side run out—assuring longer life and smoother cuts.

Contact our technical sales department for standard and custom applications.


  • Manual, semi and fully automatic sawing machines
  • Single and multi-head cutting lines
  • Stationary and flying cutoff machines

Ferrous: Bars, Billets, Tube, Pipe and Plate
Non Ferrous: Bars, Billets, Tube, Pipe, Plate,
Extrusions and Shapes

PVD Coatings:
CrN, TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, AlTiN-XL, AlTiCN, AlTiCrN

Pin Holes:
2/8/45, 2/8/55, 2/11/63, 4/12/64, 4/9/50, 4/15/80, 4/14,85, 3/12.5/160, 4/17/170, 4/20/170


Product Range
Diameters Thickness Bore Tooth Count Pitches
100mm – 630mm 1.0mm – 5.0mm 32mm – 140mm 60T – 400T 1.5 – 18mm
Standard Production Sizes
Diameters Thickness Bore
160mm 1.5mm 32mm
166mm 1.5mm 32mm
200mm 1.6mm 32mm
200mm 2.0mm 32mm
225mm 1.6mm 32mm
225mm 2.0mm 32mm
250mm 2.0mm 32/40mm
250mm 2.5mm 32/40mm
275mm 2.0mm 32/40mm
275mm 2.5mm 32/40mm
315mm 2.0mm 32/40mm
315mm 2.5mm 32/40mm
350mm 2.0mm 32/40/50mm
350mm 2.5mm 32/40/50mm
370mm 2.0mm 32/40/50mm
370mm 2.5mm 32/40/50mm
400mm 2.5mm 50mm
400mm 3.0mm 50mm
425mm 3.0mm 50mm
425mm 3.0mm 50mm
450mm 3.0mm 50mm
500mm 3.0mm 50mm
500mm 3.5mm 50mm
550mm 4.0mm 50/90/140mm
570mm 4.0mm 50mm
600mm 4.0mm 50/90/140mm

Custom sizes and tooth counts also available upon request.
Please visit our build your saw blade page or contact our sales department with your requirements.



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